Wednesday, January 05, 2005

Best of show

Mrs. Stomps With Foot and I attended our annual New Year's Eve party at the B's home. It's in the neighborhood so we don't have to drive very far and we avoid the insanity of drunk drivers. The B's have been hosting this annual soirée for about 30 years, more or less. In fact, it became a topic of conversation during the party.

B is an architect and he knows how to make cool stuff. We were on the back porch, if you can call it that. It's a huge-ass stone deck, 20 x 30 or so, covered, and has the biggest hot tub I have ever seen. Probably floats two dozen folks. We are told that if you sit in the Northeast corner and turn on the jets it will blast you across the water to the other side with such force that if you are holding a drink, well, it'd be emptied by the force. The fire was burning in the fireplace and I was toasting a fine Montecristo - from Habana, Coobah! YAR.

Our friendship with the Bs goes back many many years, 35 or so to be sure. Mrs. With Foot used to be roommates with Mrs. B, and Mrs. S and we kind of all raised our children together. Which brings me back to the beginning of the New Year's at the B's tradition. Seems we were all strapped with kiddo's and B (being the smartest of the bunch) suggested we just do a byob or byo-whatever, bring the kids and we all have a party night at his home. This totally caught on. I can remember sitting the kids in front of the TV, with an RF converter hooked up to the original Pong game. That later evolved into more complex games as the kids grew up, but the party continued.

Everyone brings a dish, kind of a smorgasborg of goodies, and we party 'til we can't stand it anymore. Play darts, lose (or win) $1 per game per player... generally have a blast.

This year Bradzilla and Suki joined us. Brad and Mike used to play in a band back in the 70s - Ralph Zackowitz was it's name, but that is another story. We enjoyed seeing everyone again and especially enjoyed a comment made by Mrs. S's husband, Gary. They belong to a "dinner club." You know, the ones that rotate from member to member, and he said to Mrs. With Foot, "If you belonged to our dinner club, you would have won "Best of Show" with your Scotch eggs.

Now let me tell you about Scotch eggs. They kick ass, totally. You boil 6 or 7 large eggs. Then take a pound of Owens or Jimmy Dean sausage and divide it up by as many eggs as you have, pat the sausage flat - think crepe - and wrap the egg with it. Completely wrap the egg with the sausage. Then you scramble-up a couple of eggs in a bowl, dip the wrapped egg into the egg and roll it around in bread crumbs (the kind you buy already crumbed). Place the wrapped, dipped and rolled eggs into a cooking dish and plop em into a 350-degree (pre-heated) oven for 40 minutes. Remove them from the dish and allow them to drain on a couple of paper towels while they cool down. Slice into quarters (I used an electric knife) and put them onto a deviled-egg plate and serve.

Let me tell you - they are killer. When we first put them on the table for everyone thought they were dunked in chocolate... but noooooo... just try one!

I even put some Pickapeppa sauce on a slice - not a good idea so I didn't repeat it.

Bradzilla called me yesterday to ask how to much sausage to use to cover the eggs. I will be sure to ask him about how they turned out - and I bet he even tried putting Pickapeppa sauce on at least one.