Tuesday, December 07, 2004


My daughter, Stacy, called last night. The day care called and asked her to pick up little Bennett Reneé because she was running a fever. Sure enough, 102-degrees, coughing, earache and generally felling like baby crap. Stacy lucked out and got her to the pediatrician who said her respirations were 45/minute. Way too fast. They did a blood test to determine oxygen levels and found she was not getting enough, so they put her on a nebulizer. Well, Stacy related that it was like putting your child into a gas chamber - screaming bloody murder, Bennett was treated and the doctor gave Stacy a prescription for some kind of magic elixer. He also advised her to go buy ($100) a nebulizer so she could put the some other magic elixer into it and treat Bennett at home. Stacy said she would be researching them, last night, before making the purchase. Shari and I said, "...screw the research, get the nebulizer!" Poor baby. Stacy said she needed her mommy, and Mrs. Stomps With Foot agreed.

Stacy and Bennett - December 2, 2004

So Mrs. Stomps With Foot is headed to the Hill Country this morning to help out while Stacy's husband, Scott, is out of town - for the next two weeks.

I am looking forward to eating MREs and iChatting/iSighting with them and am praying Bennett Reneé has a quick recovery. I may also get some time to play some Ghost Recon, between housework and other chores.

This is so going to suck - being a bachelor and all - but it's times like these that make me humble and thankful that we can help out. It also brings to mind a saying on a refrigerator magnet I saw a couple of weeks ago, "The first 40 years of parenting are the hardest!"

And, the bed was cold last night (see previous post).