Friday, December 31, 2004

Flap du Jour: Rules of Engagement

One of my fellow :SOG'gers (an online Tom Clancy Ghost Recon game clan) has a dilemma. He is showing remarkable leadership qualities and earning the wrath of some of his peers. DRAMA. He asked me for advice, and I gave him some, including the use of some words and phrases that have come into my lexicon of late. My favorite is the timely and pointed usage of the word IGNORANUS - def., n - an ignorant ass-hole. I am trying to clean up my act of late, especially my language since Stomps With Foot has let me know, in no uncertain terms, that I am not to use the word "dumbass" around my granddaughter. This utterance usually occurs when she is in her car seat while I am being amazed at the proclivity of drivers to operate heavy machinery with their heads up their asses. It's a spontaneous utterance, a reflex. So now I will replace it with the aforementioned IGNORANUS. She is still too young (19 months) to know what "dumbass" means - and I know good and well that Stomps With Foot will nail me on IGNORANUS too, but it feels good to say it.

The Flap du Jour (another phrase that has made it into my vocabulary) is about playing by the rules … anyone's rules. You can choose to or choose to not. I have always been a maverick - don't see much sense in running with a herd of lemmings. This is, after all, Amerika! I was raised on Roy Rogers and Davy Crockett - John Wayne and Leave It To Beaver. King Richard (Nixon) and JFK. I chose to serve my country, I chose to not go to Canada. And if there is one thing I have learned it's that you have to take the good with the bad and when really really bad things happen, they always happen for a reason. It's a universal truth I learned many years ago. One may not know why something has happened but it happens for a reason. If you are lucky, and pay attention, you will discover what that reason is. I have been lucky enough to discover many of those reasons and am still on the lookout for the good behind the reasons of otherwise disasterous occurrances.

But, I digress. It's all about the rules, whether they are rules of engagement or rules of the road. I probably won't use the word INGNORANUS around my granddaughter because the real rules that matter are the ones that are instilled in you by your parents; the same ones you hope you have passed to your children. They are the ones that matter, not the ones that you can break.