Wednesday, December 08, 2004

Batchin’ it!

Since Mrs. Stomps With Foot is being a Mommy way down yonder in Brew Naunfels, dinner was not on the table last night (as if I were Ward Cleaver), so I grabbed a can of Tecaté and a lime from the refrigerator and went a little heavy on the salt around the lime-juice drenched rim. Learned a very useful way to get the squeezed lime into the gaping maw of the beer can - just take a steak knife (I use the one I cut the lime with), cut the lime-slice flesh in the center to the rind, hold the knife tip over the opening and squeeze that deliciious citrus juice. I promise you that a smile will break out across your face. You get a brain-stem rush as there is something very satisfying about drizzling fresh lime juice into the can, and onto the can top as the base for your salt repository. This trick also works with a bottle, but you don't get the salt/lime mix on the top. Corona and lime - yeah, that works too, but Corona is a bit too "skunky" for my tastes.

Another new thing, great taste sensation if you have never tried it, was next. It was introduced to me by Brad Young (a.k.a. Bradzilla and OGO - O GREAT ONE), video director extraordinaire, while reviewing a video I am producing. He also makes a killer Cosmopolitan, which is the required adult beverage for film review.

I grabbed a slab of Philadelphia Cream Cheese, and a bottle of

Jamaican Pickapeppa sauce. This stuff is OGO GOO. Half-bottle per slab, drizzling it all over the cream cheese and piling on the Trisquits. The taste combination, on a Trisquit, fills your mouth with oral orgasms. Since I was introduced to this taste sensation, my son's fiancée has remarked, "I have been eating that since I was three!" Well, I guess people take their dining delights for granted and don't share them with just anyone. I, on the other hand, enjoy sharing tidbits like this.

So there you have it: beer with salt and lime garnish, cream cheese, Pickapeppa sauce and Trisquits... my first dinner without Mrs. Stomps With Foot.

I found the problem with the waterbed. I plugged it in to a different outlet and it's warm again. Yar.