Thursday, December 30, 2004

Apocolypse Now and Again

Col. Kurtz had it right, "The horror, the horror …"

I have been impacted but with sorrow for the souls, living and dead, on the coastal regions of the Indian Ocean. Those who can least afford calamity have again been visited by tragedy. For it seems that those who are the most ill-equipped to handle natural disasters seem to have it regularly thrust upon them. The poverty of the region speaks volumes, as does the wealth. Just look at the fabulous resorts in Phuket and the surrounding areas - then look a few blocks away at the dismal slums inhabited by the poorest people. It is a dichotomy.

We all have our problems … just yesterday I had to take a detour around a wreck on the freeway. It probably added 20 minutes to my drive home. Did I mention that I am gainfully employed in the richest nation in the world, drive a Ford Exploder, always have $100 in my pocket and am well dressed? The coffee pot overflowed this morning (as a result of the basket not being securely closed) and I spent another 20 minutes cleaning up the spill. I was fortunate enough to have a 12-cup sponge so it didn't take long! Wrong! It was a 1/8th cup sponge and I had wrinkled fingers when I was finished. Really tragic stuff. Did I mention that I live in Richardson in a six bedroom home (ok, we only use 4 for bedrooms), in one of Texas’ richest cities, complete with a fine school district and no street people? I heard someone complaining that they felt "trapped" in their job and didn't know what to do about it. Did I mention that I am a "highly-compensated employee" and I love my job?

People people. You don't really have any problems, unless you survived the tsunami/earthquake. I can still see the video replaying in my head. Soldiers carrying bodies from train wreckage - and the soldiers had no shoes. Some had flip-flops, so I suppose they could be considered to be better-off than their comrades.

Give thanks for your problems - whatever they may be. Then go here Tsunami/Earthquake Relief and do something to alleviate the problems thrust upon those least able to deal with them.

"The horror, the horror."